December 16 sagittarius astrology

However, forward motion takes place in your social life and within the groups and associations you work with, as sweet Venus connects with your ruling planet Saturn this morning.

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The moon is in Aries today, bringing plenty of conversation your way. Venus connects with one of your ruing planets, Saturn, making this a solid time to discuss plans and commitments. The moon is in your sign today, Aries, asking you to feel your feelings—and tend to them!

December 16 Birthday Horoscope

You do everything speedily, but need to slow down for your own sake. Important plans are made today.

The moon in Aries finds you eager to move toward your career goals. The moon is in fellow fire sign Aries today, Leo, encouraging you to keep an open mind—just watch out for some scheduling frustrations this afternoon! Solid plans ands ideas are shared today, Virgo.

Healing with Crystals

The moon in Aries also finds you in a very emotionally intense mood—make time to dive deep into these feelings today. The moon is in your opposite sign Aries, and things are busy in your relationships today. Your ruling planet Venus connects with Saturn this morning, finding you focused on security. They have a habit of pushing people away, especially when they need help most. They refuse to accept the code of conventional behavior -- few people are as true to their own nature.

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They have an intense love nature and may prefer abstinence if no one special is in their lives. As children, these people never felt they fit in and may have developed a bad self-image.

Love Compatibility

Later, they draw strength from their uniqueness. Because they don't want their children to experience the same difficulties, they can be strict and rule-conscious.

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  • December 16 people are not particularly concerned with health. They're even more stubborn if they have a health condition!

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    They don't care to be told how to behave, even by a doctor. When they do exercise, it's usually done for emotional rather than physical reasons. December 16 men and women are usually drawn toward creative enterprises, though they may work at their talent for years while making a living at a job that means nothing but a paycheck.

    They have the good sense not to believe that money equals success.

    Sun enters Scorpio

    People born on this day live in a world of their making. They are not preoccupied with goals; they listen to their intuition rather than to conventional wisdom.