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Perhaps this is the moment to ask whether reading your horoscope is a useful investment of time. Most astrology columns in the media, says a professional astrologer, are just "creative writing". A journalist acquaintance of mine tells the story of her brief career as an astrologist. During a stint on a rural paper, she was able to access the astrology column before the paper went to press.

As a joke on one of her colleagues, she used to adapt the wording of his star sign predictions to suit what was happening in his life. Much to her glee, he used to tell her confidentially how incredibly accurate his horoscope had been in recent weeks. The moral of the story is that newspaper astrology is rubbish.

Surprisingly, professional astrologers agree. The president of the Federation of Australian Astrologers, Dr Duane Eaks -- his PhD is in psychology -- says that newspapers are boltholes for charlatans. Accurate astrological information requires the exact time and place of birth, he told MercatorNet.

Most astrology columns in the media, he says, are just "creative writing". Professional astrologers claim that their trade is a science and sneer at the vague platitudes written by astrological hacks for the media. His Federation has its own examination system and practitioners teach part-time courses lasting two or three years. There are assignments and projects, and for the highest qualification, a research thesis is required. However, notwithstanding this veneer of academic rigour, a recent comprehensive study debunked the predictions of professional astrologers as well.

In a magazine called the Journal of Consciousness Studies two researchers analysed the results of more than 40 controlled studies and found that the best of astrologers perform little better than chance even on the simplest tasks. The core claim of astrology is that the positions of the sun, moon and planets indicate and even produce changes in our minds, emotions, bodies and careers.

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Ultimately it is based on the discredited principle of correspondences: that things similar in some respects are similar in others. As above in the heavens, so below in our lives is the underlying philosophy. If astrology is a science, scientists ought to be able to test its predictions. But none of hundreds of investigations into its claims since has found anything to support them. The most damning of these studies was carried out by Dr Geoffrey Dean, an Australian scientist and former astrologer, and a Professor Ivan Kelly, a psychologist at the University of Saskatchewan 1.

The lives of more than 2, people born in London in the month of March were tracked. They had been born on average 4. More than features of each person in the study -- such as IQ, anxiety, aggressiveness, musical ability, accident proneness and marital status were examined. According to the Dean and Kelly, "the test conditions could hardly have been more conducive to success. But the results are uniformly negative. Dr Dean told the London Telegraph that this massive study of so-called "time twins" undermined the claims of astrologers, who normally work with birth data which is far less precise than the data he was working with 2.

Many of the claims made by astrologers are anecdotal. But Dean and Kelly reviewed more than 40 controlled studies -- and all of them found that astrologers cannot perform significantly better than chance. In 25 of these studies, astrologers were unable even to agree on how to interpret a birth chart. Not at all.

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In the words of British astrologer Roy Alexander, "I take it for granted that astrology works, and that we have enough cumulative experience to know that it works, whether the computer studies and the scientists agree with us or not. In fact, some astrologers believe that their own mental state, or insight, is more important than the birth chart in interpreting your life.

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